I’m imagining a ‘cloak room’ where people go to check out a jacket for a limited amount of time. In the jacket’s pockets they will discover things, while they go off  with the jacket for a walk.

Perhaps each jacket will hold different kinds of discoveries.

Particularly I’m thinking about The comforting jacket, one that within each of it’s pockets a different comforting objects/material lays.

Other could be –

  • The questionable jacket which will feature many questions to discover in it’s hidden pockets, and places to hide your answers
  • The folk tales jacket
  • The reality check jacket which will challenge your senses and perceptions
  • The puzzle pieces jacket

Another option for an experience I imagine is a shared garment, constructed from many garments deconstructed and connected together in an unconventional way. This new garment will be worn by a group of seven people who will have assigned adventures to go on together as a group connected within this one garment. They will be traveling around the city while expereincing the new bodily boarders the garment will create, becoming a new creature together.

Their experience will consist of the maneuvering of the body within the new setting and by the reaction of people expereincing the newly shaped group of people by watching it.

I see a few groups of people within a few different weirdly shaped garments of this sort traveling in parallel in the city.

An optional part of the experience will be that people could go in and out of the garment and so share the garment space with different people as they roam the streets.