Experiencing a 2016 work/study coffee shop with wifi in 2115:

Before entering the visitors will be invited to use a macbook readily open for them with yelp’s website to browse and examine how people were discovering coffee shops, the rating system, the number of options that were available etc. They will be able to modify the search and look at the map,  as if they were really using yelp.


Then they will enter a space that will look like this –


The space will smell of coffee since actor baristas will be working there grinding nosily coffee beans. The tour guide will explain that these places were spread across big cities around the world and attracted mostly ‘young professionals’  who came to work or study in that space with their own laptops.  Those people were the first generation for which working remotely became common as affordable laptops & smart phones, as well as sufficient and wide spread wifi connections easy to find.

Laptops & headphones will be available to use during the tour and visitors will be encouraged to use the machines and browse ‘the internet’ as we know it today.

Each laptop will represent a the story of a ‘2016 person’ who came to work/study at the coffee shop and will feature with their ‘working’ tools in the form of specific softwares, emails and messages.

When the visitor will borrow that laptop they will be able to hover on items in the laptop and a little description will pop up on the screen.   If the visitor will put on the headphones they will be able to hear what that person would be listening to: music, podcast or nothing…

They will be able to look at the persons’ social media account and kind of ‘hack’ into their life through using their laptop. Quick demos on using the devices will be given to the visitors.

Visitors will also be able to buy coffee (espresso/ cappuccino, late etc), muffins and bagels at the counter and eat it in the space. The serving will be in “take away” cups and other disposable utensils. To purchase their orders, they will receive fake credit cards to use at the counter, and they will need to sign and choose how much tip to leave.

There will quiet music playing in the background, probably something like Tame Impala. There will also be sounds of street noise and occasional drilling, faking NYC’s street noise.