This week looking for pain points in my life, I thought about a few:

  • I find it hard to come in early for appointments since I always want to stay a bit longer at my present environment, and I know how long it takes to get to the next place, so I always wait until the last minute, pushing the time limit. Even when I plan to leave earlier, I cannot seem to believe myself that I need to.
  • My neighborhood, Crown Heights, is so dirty. I noticed that there are less trash cans around there, and believe it’s partly the reason but also think it has to do with education. Specifically I’m bothered by the  many plastic bags trapped on tree tops. I thought about putting more trash cans around, but I’m pretty sure that they’ll be stolen if will not be fixed in place.



  • I would love people to smile and look in each others’ eyes more.  This pain point is important for me and I think there are ways to experiment with it.

Finally though, I was reminded by the annoying experience I sometime encounter at work, that people forget to bring back shared bathroom keys to the reception.



Countless times we were looking for the shared bathroom keys and tried different kind of key chains to prevent this from happening. The latest solution is above depicted key chain. Needless to say the still goes missing…

The nudge I want to design is making the keychain part of a stationary nice jigsaw puzzle, so when you pick it up you break the puzzle apart and when you bring it back you piece it together. Hopefully it will encourage people to bring the key back and make them enjoy the ‘reward’ of completing a puzzle. Also I’m hoping that whoever is holding the key will be reminded by the fact that the key chain is a piece of something else and will bring it back to reception.