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why not coffee + wifi in 2115

Experiencing a 2016 work/study coffee shop with wifi in 2115: Before entering the visitors will be invited to use a macbook readily open for them with yelp’s website to…

making a new part on Eagle

I started with making a part for my miniature camera and I found it quite annoying to work with Eagle and trying to get the precise measurements. I kept on switching grinds…

implementing the nudge – bathroom keys find their place

The pain point I wanted to resolve was to help people at work to remember to bring back the bathroom key to the reception desk, so it will not get lost….

Museum visit – New York Hall of Science [NYSCI]

The NYSCI museum site has a lot of information about it’s events and exhibits but is missing the opening times even from the visit & admission pages. The address is only…

populating IR remote board

Populating board was much fun, especially working with the SMT machine. I worked with David and Esther and we had some trouble uploading the Bootloader at first, as…

pain point – bringing back the bathroom keys

This week looking for pain points in my life, I thought about a few: I find it hard to come in early for appointments since I always want…

Dear Data – postcard exercise

This exercise is inspired by the project Dear Data by Giorgia Lupi  & Stefanie Posavec I decided to notice dogs around me, and observe where I see them, in real life vs….

pregnant skies at the Rubin Museum

The Rubin Museum is a beautifully designed and I felt welcomed. They offer free entrance for NYU students and have many programs & events as well as exhibitions….

camera for another perspective – memory chest

last year I converted a spy camera into a camera that looked like it was a charm on a necklace. I made two versions of the camera and…

starting with Rhino