For the section about text I was thinking about the messages people communicate on their bodies, in the form of tattoos and in the form of written text on t-shirt. I’m that person that is always trying to figure out herself, and give myself good direction and self support. I was thinking about common wisdom, how there are shared positive messages that we send to ourselves and each other, sometimes in the form of folk tales, sometimes self help books and sometimes fortune cookie sayings…


At first I tested the idea of of using text and organizing it in the form a word tree. Then I thought about embroidery and how nice it would be to have this reminders on my body.

Below I used text from fortune cookies database using   Jason Davies ‘s nice tool. I like the result bus still wasn’t sure how to use it.



I work as a fashion designer and much of my work is designing embroideries, or more precisely making variations of existing embroideries and most importantly making it decorative – pleasing to look at.  I always felt that it lacked a context, and is missing a point. We dress to be warm but also to communicate to each other who we are and so all these beautiful decorations are only communicating the want to be beautiful but could also tell a more comprehensive story about us.


I’ve always loved Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in The Hat and fell immediately in love with this Oh, The Places You’ll Go when I discovered it a few years ago.

There is something in the rhythm and the illustrations that just really clicks with me, and obviously I’m not the only one who gets it.


The story, if you don’t know it, talks about the ups and downs in life, and mostly depicts a very realistic picture of a lifeline. It does it in a way that makes you want to try for the journey and see what happens.

I wanted to have a reference of the story on a shirt so that I could wear decorative embroidery, but at the same time remind myself the bigger picture, in a way that would be most personal to me.

To do this I examined  and made a color scheme for each spread of the book.


I checked the frequency of each letter in the text


and then pulled all the colors grouped into one sheet, and matched the frequency of the letters to the frequency of the colors. 

Essentially I color coded the letters and the rewrote the text just with embroidered color.

The next step wast to get embroidery threads to match the colors in the book and prepare for embroidering it on my shirt. Luckily, I saved  many color references tubes my workplace was about to trash a while ago, so I had many options.



I chose to use this French Knot as I love have texture on my clothes and thought I would like that aesthetic and will want to wear it.


Then I prepared my embroidery needles with thread colors


To have an idea of it will look like – used some basic code – Javascript with Rune.js


Since I kept on breaking the code, I did it in segments and eventually moved it all the screenshots into illustrator to have a ‘map’ for the general look of the embroidery, originally I was going to embroider lines, but changed my mind.



Here are pictures from the process which took a very very very long time….

So far I got into the point in the book where OH! THE PLACES YOU’LL GO! is written, which is about 5 pages into the story. I plan on finishing the whole book,  but need more time.

I will update this post with a picture of me wearing it soonish.