I spent some time talking to about my thought this week in office hours.

  • Tom Igoe – suggested that I’ll look at Laura Chen’s work and Younghui Kim.
  • Cici (Chang Liu)  gave me the referenced the book Before They Pass  Away which I ordered from the library.
  • Kari Love directed my attention to think about comfort vs. discomfort, seeing and being seen,  unique vibration point around the body and it’s the perceived hygiene/ cleanliness of the work. She also pointed at the work of Laurie Anderson‘s sound installations, but I haven’t found the references for the works she mentioned to me. So I want to go back and a her about it.  Lastly she recommended that I’ll visit the African costume section at the Natural History Museum and think about smells.

Also I reached out to Margaret the librarian to look for more references and ordered some more books.