The assignment was to “track” my favorite garment and think of it as a “tear-down”, only without actually having to tear the garment down.

I didn’t need long before realizing that this sweater is probably what I’ve been wearing the most for the past 7 years, and it is my all times favorite. This sweater is super comfortable and every time I wear it I feel great, and have people commenting or asking me about it.

Part of my excitement about this sweater is because it makes me feel at home. I bought it at a thrift shop (which is already long closed) that was randomly located in the very residential neighborhood of my home town. I even remember how much I paid for it –> 10 shekels, which are about $2.5









I just quickly checked my fb photos and found a bunch with this sweater:






It is made as a cut and sew jacquard knit and therefore has 2 different faces. It was not intended to be worn on both sides, but since I really love both of them I sometimes wear it inside out.

It is simply constructed and has no fastenings. On it’s hem and cuffs it is a rib knit, which by now lost much of it’s shape and needed my help with some sewing it back together.

This sweater has no labels or tags on it anymore but I believe that it is a man made fiber, most probably polyester.To make it, the yarn selected (after being made..) is a nice mix of solid black and white with grey lurex color mix. I believe that it was made in a factory as the finishings look industrial.