week 2

The assignment: Make multiples of something, 5 or more.  The objects must be a multi-process piece.

Since I was always curious about the way kaleidoscopes are made, and loved to look at the world through them, I decided it would be a good practice to make multiple of them.

At first I made a mock up kaleidoscope to understand how to make it. To see the whole process scroll down.

done 3done 5 2 the tipdone 7

and that’s what I saw when I peaked inside:
photo 3 (1)photo 2 (4)

The body is made out of a cut mailing tube. Inside I inserted a mirror folded into three  to create an elongated triangle that makes the reflection.  I made this mirror out of sheet of sticker mirror and attached to foam board.  On my first trial I sliced the foam board into three parts but then realised that it’s better if it is just marked with running the nice through the back part of the foam board and then just fold the mirror.

In order to have light coming I cut a plastic cup, cut away  it’s bottom as well, and just left a ring for a flat circle to lay inside it. Then I created circles from a clear acrylic sheet and used laser cutter for the very first.

I made circles with a small circular hole for the eyes, and clear circles in 2 sizes, to close off the cup. I also cut circles with a circular hole, and circles with a triangular hole in black cardboard using the laser cutter to make a clean finish.

Screen shot 2015-09-28 at 11.38.32photo 2 (6)









I attached the acrylic circles to the cup and to the tube with a glue gun (again, my first time using it).

Inside the cup I put a mix of beads and pieces of iridescent paper scrap I had at hand.

Then I wanted I glued a sheet of paper with stripes to the body, and added a mirror circle that can be held while rotating the kaleidoscope.

Here is the process in reverse:

almost ready for finishcutting covercuting pieces to roll almost readylaser cut final circles beads and pieces preparing pieces to put insideduplicate on the way kaleidoscope proto prototubes with mirrors folded mirrors cutting backs of mirrors cutting the mirrors to fold glued mirrors to board gluing mirrors cutting foam board multiple cut tube multiple cut multiple materials1

This is how I made the first mock up kaleidoscope, to understand the construction, and plan for the multiples.

Screen shot 2015-09-28 at 00.25.35

Screen shot 2015-09-28 at 00.25.22

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  1. Great work, love your use of off the shelf parts. These came together very nicely. I like the bit of mirrored paper on the outside of it too.

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