I started with making a part for my miniature camera and I found it quite annoying to work with Eagle and trying to get the precise measurements. I kept on switching grinds to try to get the through holes as close to the data sheet specifications as I could.  I definitely need to practice more and understand how to get better precision.

As of now I have this on my schematic – and I still need to figure it out.


The part I made is based on below specs, but really all I need from it is the size of the board and the four through holes connections.


As for my camera project I soldered and wired the mini SD card board and my miniature ttl tiny camera




Then ran the example sketch SD -> CardInfo.

I used a cared that was already formatted on previous project so it seamed all good.


After wiring the camera


My first attempts to connect to the windows control tool didn’t work out and I kept on getting a command time out error :/

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-9-54-31-pmI got an FTDI chip adapter to skip the connection through the Arduino, but still getting the error message.