I feel an unbalance within the intensity of my human form. I want to draw attention to the inner, more abstract nature of being. I’m inspired by the interconnectedness of all beings, the untold, intimacy and the idea of a collective unconscious

My question is:
How can I break the boundaries of the physical body, blur it’s edges by directing sensory attention in odd ways? to make myself (and others) feel the space of being to a larger extent.

Early description of the project:

My project is a participatory installation that includes an audio guide as part of the experience, expressed in the way of a stream of consciousness. This audio guide can be listened to from anywhere, and would be able to live as a stand alone piece as well.

The participation in the installation would be through embodying an amorphic creature, by wearing an attire. I want to create room within the costume to have space for some perspective within, and space for actuators such as lights, vibrations and sounds.

In the installation space there would be a number of these amorphic creatures, embodied by the people visiting. Each creature will reflect another version of the same aesthetic, making together some sort of a strange family. The space then becomes a stage as well as a playground, with no ‘performers’ but the people experiencing the installation.

The experience is aimed at adult audience, since the audio content will be based on real personal stories with shared themes which I will crowd source. I will ask people to record themselves answering personal questions and then I want to mesh the stories together incorporating an array of emotional content. Another component of the audio will be made of sounds recorded in the city and in nature.

One of my main goals is to describe a shared human experience – our stream of thoughts, as well as our sensory and emotional realm. Another goal is to set a physical sensation that blurs the edges of the body, and merges the human form with the world. By blurring the edges of the body I mean that I want to create a sense of confusion with vibrations, to make our regular bodily perception a bit confused. I want to create moments of experiencing being away from the body in shared space.

Personal Statement:

On my life journey I’ve been circling myself and trying to ‘solve’ something within me. I know that this project is a way for me to reflect on the human experience and direct it, or point to, where I want it to be.

The abstract have always attracted me – I’ve been thinking about the mind’s way of perceiving – categorizing as soon as it can, naming, piling, indexing, organizing so it could process the richness of the world.

I know that there is a depth of riches which lies somewhere almost reachable, in an unknown space within everyone. It is abstracted and I am looking for it.

I had these questions when I was preparing my thesis gong show:
what is worth feeling in the world? [now I see feeling, thinking and perceiving as part of the same human experience]
do we wear our cloths or do our clothes wear us? [ I was referring to the roles we wear in the world]
can we restructure the body? can I combine bodies? [I looked back at sculpture I made from clay many years ago, I merged bodies together]
can we transcend time through clothes? [can something we wear bring us to the present, free us from the past]
Can I find new ways to make us feel more naked? [how can I unplug the distance between people, create intimacy, exposing each other without the pain]
when does a relationship become a relationship? [when do we recognize something out of its abstract previous form]
why do we categorize everything? [yeah, we need that to make up thoughts and process, but why…]
why do we strive for novelty? [seriously, I have no answers and I love new things, but I don’t know why since there is already so much out there in the world to discover]

These questions followed me for a long time, and I think were formed over the years as I lived with death and birth.