The pain point I wanted to resolve was to help people at work to remember to bring back the bathroom key to the reception desk, so it will not get lost.

I thought it would be a good idea to create a subtle incentive to put it back in a specific place and create something that will inherently carry a reminder that it’s part of something else.

I was inspired by watching someone on the train playing with his jigsaw puzzle app so I decided to make the bathroom keychains part of a puzzle.

I didn’t want the stereotypical man & woman icons or faces design, and would have love if I could skip the need to mark gender altogether. The problem is the keychains need to indicate if it’s for the men or women’s bathrooms, and need to be different enough to easily set them apart and be recognizable.

It took me quite a while to settle on my design. Eventually I thought cute and neutral animals would resemble children’s games and would be most appropriate and gender neutral.

I would have liked to work on the design more, but I wanted to have it ready for my next work day so I went with this:


I wrote on the bottom:  Please bring back the keys! sometimes we all need to pee 🙂

Caroline, our receptionist helped me monitor the keys activity and I asked her to let me know if they went missing during the day. The first day was a success and my coworkers were amused and happy with it.


Later in the day I thought I forgot the key inside the bathroom but I was just being paranoid, the keys were back in place a minute later.


I had to consider the little details to make this strange keychain –  how to connect the keys but still have it contained….?


Tested the sizes on cardboard just to make sure it made sense..


And it was so good to have the laser cutter on the floor, and have the junk shelf ready for up-cycling some leftover acrylic…