week 8

One of my main interests is color, and the way it affects mood, attraction, perception and communication. I’ve been also interested in mirrors, reflections, perception and subjective experience.

I think a lot about the distinct feeling I have of existing separately from others, while living together in communities and actually sharing the energy and resources of the world, particles, bacteria and everything else. I keep on being amazed by how similarly our brains work and how many emotional reactions we share, but also how separate we sometimes feel from one another.

Essentially I want to create a joyful experiences that will bring awareness to the subjective feeling of self as well as to the shared experience of being together with others.

Things that came into my mind –

  • using touch or physical proximity between two people as an analog sensor or switch that will generate visual/sound experience. This will occur only if  there is interaction between the people. The visual experience will be created by animation (p5?) or lights and will be very color rich, and the color palette for it will be set by an image that will be selected by the people experiencing together from a variety of images that reflect different moods.
  • using a trampoline as a large flex sensor – maybe connected to the previous idea, when the two people jump at the same rate, or to the same hight it will trigger a mutual experience.
  • a garment that when worn stimulates  parts of the body that usually get less sensory attention (such as areas in the back, shoulders, thighs elbows) and the switches/ sensors will be inside a stuffed animal that someone else will be playing with. Related projects: Hap.tickle GREETING dress and Hug shirt by CuteCircuit.
  • making a candy switch – this switch could be a pressure sensor that when it’s being sucked it will affects a visual sketch or a light installation immediately,  also it will release paint drops that will slowly create a permanent painting made by all the people that participated. I thought about this idea to highlight the addiction tendencies to dopamine we humans share (with each other and with animals), that sometimes carries us away from conscious life, from being able to reflect, think and make aware decisions . See Why do we keep playing?  why is candy crash addicting and bizarre things about saliva 🙂


  • continuing the Infinity play project that I started to work on with Nicola Carpegginai. I think that this project has potential to grow. Originally I wanted to make  a human size infinity mirror which will have side mirror on hinges (like a triptych) and that this construction will be multiplied by 3 or 4.  Then the mirrors will stand side by side to form a circular sculpture. people will be able to move the side mirrors to play around with the reflection, but every movement of their side mirror will affect the next person’s view of the reflections, and the light colors of the neo pixels forming the infinity will change too. Basically the idea was that when a person looks inside those mirrors s/he looks  into  infinity but also into itself, and while experiencing this s/he can play with the side mirrors, and that will trigger a change in the colors and experience the person next to them sees in their mirror.  Now I’m thinking that it could be interesting if only when people will touch each other (while holding the side mirrors), there will be a mechanical response like a shift in direction of the mirror that creates the illusion of infinity, or a change in sound/ visual colors.



  • another option for the mirrors is to make it react to the rhythm of the breathing of the person watching them –  the light colors and tempo will change to reflect the change. Could be a sort of meditation practice, to learn to focus on the breathing. This idea reminded me that I saw this project, and it has some
    similarities :
  • and another version could be a full body size mirror with side mirrors that is set inside a draped fabric and the whole experience could be filmed with go pro from the inside to be project on the fabric from the outside. The fabric could be black inside and white on the outside.  I think that putting this mirror inside a closed space could create a very interesting intimate effect, while at the same time could be interesting to see it from the outside as well.