Interactive art, what is it? everyone likes it, it’s like being a kid again and get to play. We actually never stopped playing, but our play became more serious and we started to identify with it, we keep our characters dear to our hearts and don’t want to let them go. Our egos play in the world, and we play with our egos. This week at Sundance’s New Frontier I learned about my ego and about being a person again. I learned this before too, I was born already knowing, but I had a chance to experience and be reminded of it again. I put on this costume, an overcoat, big socks over my shoes, and this head piece. Ok, I also had bone conduction headphones. I walked inside this booth, there were a few others dressed as strange but in different looking attire. The story began and it was hard to follow at first. No more than a few seconds passed and it started being addictive, pulling me in. In and out of my head. only it wasn’t my story and at the same time it was. It felt like someone in my head, and then it was the earth, or something else which I couldn’t identify, communicating to me in interesting sounds. Sometimes my body was also reacting to the sounds. I felt a surprising sensations. I could say some were vibrations, but some were unknown. The experience was overwhelming at first, but after some time it began to feel natural, as if I already new it. As if I was swimming in through it my whole life and beyond. It pulled me in, and woke me up with strong sensations, vibrant stings of color, mesmerizing and confusing. Slowly it began to dissolve as if it was just a dream. Then a sweet sensation was flooding me. When I looked at the others in the room, I could feel how we are the one and the same, how we had just an illusion of separateness. I wanted to hug those people, but knew I couldn’t because we are playing that game. I am an adult now. I was reminded that maybe I am not.