This week I began to sample designs and find the right pattern for pants which are made for the sitting figure.

The designs are inspired by sportswear, for comfort, but also with an wish to make them more whimsical.

Personally I love textures and enjoy little surprises . With this approach in mind I began testing materials.

Starting with making a simple basic legging shape and added length to the legs. Then I put it on, and checked the cut again and refined it, added an extra waistband to make the pants higher at the back, and added zipper on calves to make them easier to put on.

wearables 1


I used the back side to draw style lines for another design I had in mind and made some adjustments to the pattern.


wearables 2

wearables 3

wearables 5

wearables 6


wearables 4

wearables 7
I continued to try out more design ideas and wanted to play with knit rib that is common in sportswear and combined it with the floral double face Ponte that I was using to create the 1st pattern.

wearables 11

wearables 10

I wanted to try out the knit rib with another fabric that was more dressy. Also I wanted to use a Lycra waistband that I cut out of maternity pants to incorporate it in the design.


wearables 15 wearables 14

First I tried it without the knit rib at the bottom hem –
wearables 12

Then I added it and actually really love it –

wearables 13

This week I also met with professor Eric Rosenthal to discuss technical options of combining air flow pillows insert in the pants.

Eric suggested to check out cork screw compressor, air valves, aquarium air pumps and camping stores. Furthermore he initiated an idea to use pressurized air container that would be re-pressured every once in a while to use it instead of an electronic air pump, which would make relatively a lot of noise.

After I will finalize a few designs my goal is to continue researching how I can make these pant useful in preventing pressure ulcers.

My next steps are exploring more designs.