It was really inspiring to see  Urban Imagination by George Zisiadis and I found a few points that I would love change in NYC.

I live off the Nostrand stop and noticed the station’s floor. Sometimes when I walk through the station at night the employees wash it and the place smells of strong clorox bleach fumes which travel all around. I can’t stand that smell and feel sorry for the person having to clean the station using this toxic chemical. I recently visited the Tenement Museum where I’ve seen Linoleum floor from about 100 years ago and it was still colorful and intact so I thought this could be fun –


On my way to the station I have to pass under this very rough looking bridge made for the Long Island Rail Road trains. I’ve been wondering about that street for a while, and remember seeing many similar disturbing bridges in Queens. I thought it would be wonderful to add some living plants to cover this harsh and cold metal in the style of recently popular vertical gardens.  I would also like to add silicon flower caps to the lowered sewage holes to align them with road levels and prevent people from falling.


Also I noticed that in Queens there are many electricity wires tangled across many streets. The best thing would be create better infrastructure and hide all the cables underground, but as it is exposed now I’d like this to happen –