week 5

My reading assignment for this week included A Synopsis of Buxton’s Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design from the book “Sketching User Experiences: The Workbook”.

Bruxton expalins that “sketching is not about drawing, rather it is about design”. It’s a tool that helps designers to express themselves and develop their ideas, and it’s a critical part of the process. The goal of the process is about getting the right design, and the design right.

Designing is a continual process of improving and developing of the initial idea. The design evolves by iterations, and that is how it can be improved from the initial idea.

He stresses that if you consider many ideas over a single one, you will find a better overall solution, and suggests to generate many ideas, then reflect on them and choose the ones that seem the most promising and develop those in parallel, and be open to adding new ideas as they come.

Another way to view this process is suggested by Paul Laseau (1980) who thinks that the initial design should be focused on Elaboration, generating many solutions, and then through the design process getting into Reduction, the point of decision making and choosing the most promising ideas to develop.

The Design Funnel is a concept developed by Stuart Pugh (1990), who sees the importances of the generation of ideas as the initial process. Pugh suggests that the variety of ideas, through iterating each one, are explored at finer granularity, until resolution is reached. Eventually the developed ideas will converge  and incorporated into a final concept.

From my experience in fashion design I came to similar conclusions, when designing it is  great to start from gathering and develop many ideas, sketching, then iterate, mix and combine them all. It is good to go back again to check what seems to be working, usually also by getting the reaction of many people to the design.