The assignment was to weave a circuit with freestyle interpretation and just needed to make sure that it will be soft and foldable. As this is my first time weaving, and my first time making a soft circuit, I decided to make something small that will have a simple circuit.

I came across these materials at the softlab meeting and immediately new that I want to combine the softness of the hairy white yarn with the glittery harder plastic and make into a bracelet.

I started weaving and planned to use 2 LEDs as I know that 1 simple 3V coin cell battery would be able to power. I placed the LEDs in the center of the bracelet, and ran conductive thread along the warp. I used metal fastening so it can be used as the switch.


photo 1 copy photo 2 copy photo 1 (1) photo 3 copy

photo 2 photo 3
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