This week I’ve met with Dr. Anita Perr who is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy at NYU, to discuss my idea to create a garment that would help prevent pressure ulcers. She encouraged me to continue to develop the pants construction that I had in mind and gave me a bunch of ROHO promotional air pillows key chains to use when prototyping.

I began making the first pattern for the pants and constructed the first toile. It was a lot more challenging to incorporate these pillows into the garment, and since I was limited with the number of available pillows I didn’t get to place them all.

I created a legging pattern that had no side seams, as I want to have as little seams as possible. I cut away the key rings, placed the pillows using duct tape and made a patch on top of the pillows, topstitched it down. Then I connected all the seams and tried it on.

I realized that I placed the pillows too low. I unpicked the stitching and restitched the pillow patch higher.

Then I tried the pants on. Since there aren’t enough pillows it is really uncomfortable. I am planning to remake it again, and work on the design more.

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photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (1)