This week I took a step back to think about the project. I started with a specific goal in mind – making a device that will help prevent pressure ulcers for people in wheelchairs. As I imagined this device it would have been pants that had some sort of a mechanism which will move the legs, hence will keep the blood flow.

Through the course of researching and meeting with people in wheelchairs I learned that regular pants designs are not optimal for long term sitting.

Needed requirements which kept on repeating –

  • longer leg length
  • higher waist back
  • belly support
  • minimum friction with skin, so as little seams and pockets
  • easy to pull on and thread legs through
  • knees get cold, add on layer

I found that there barely any brands that design “fashion forward”  clothes for people in wheelchairs.

My approach shifted from tackling directly the pressure ulcers relief goal to designing pants that would be thoughtful and cool as well as fitted for people who are bound to wheelchairs. I decided to design pants for women that would reflect my aesthetic and style.

For inspiration I researched legs and the Space Age as I want to create designs that would reflect similar sensibilities to those that were put into designing space suits.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 12.04.20 AM

Then I started sketching ideas and gathering fabrics for inspirations

I got a pregnancy pants to use it’s belly and incorporate it into my sampling and started making a new pattern which will meet as many as the above mentioned requirements.