This project is a collaboration with Olivia Cueva and Viniyata Pany. We made a music controller which plays back pre-recorded sounds of insects and other animals underground.

The player can play/stop, play/pause, shuffle, skip forward/back and fast-forward.

Link to Arduino code 


The assignment –

Make a device to control playback of pre-recorded music. You do not have to build the playback engine, just the physical control device. Your device will send asynchronous serial messages to another device which will play the music. All serial messages should be terminated by a linefeed. The playback device will echo your message back to you as an acknowledgement message when it executes your command.

Your device should support the following features:

  • Your device should be operable by a user who cannot see the device.
  • The user should get an acknowledgement when they activate any control.
  • Start or stop the playback of a track (start plays track from the beginning).
    • Serial message: 1
  • Pause or resume playback of a track (resume plays track from last position stopped).
    • Serial message: 2
  • Skip ahead one track in the playlist.
    • Serial message: 3
  • Skip back one track in the playlist.
    • Serial message: 4
  • Fast-forward the current track (double speed of the track).
    • Serial message: 5
  • Skip to a random track in the playlist.
    • Serial message: 6