The Rubin Museum is a beautifully designed and I felt welcomed. They offer free entrance for NYU students and have many programs & events as well as exhibitions. I love the museum size as I feel contained and the large round staircase at the center of the building which make the visitor flow from one floor to another. Also there are many comfortable and inviting chairs to rest in.


There weren’t many visitors and the ones I saw were mostly older white adults. The design of the temporary and permanent exhibits are thoughtful and craft interesting experiences. There is a range of interactive activities and a variety of displays.

There is an opportunity to rest and look at the view panoramic photograph of Mustang, Nepal, provides contexts for the Shrine Room:



The  Shrine Room is a permanent installation which presents the artifacts displayed similar to the way they’re placed in  household shrines of Tibetan Buddhists. It allows visitors to peek into a different space and time. Right outside the Shrine Room there is an interactive screen where you can learn about the artifacts more. It’s nicely presented, easy to use and worked. The only thing that bothered me was the bright white background color prompted when the description is displayed.


There was also a nice activity inviting people to answer a question and add it to the museum display, which will also go online – What’s your holy place?


The lighting is deem throughout the museum, the walls painting dark and there is a generous amount of space between the displayed items. The curators incorporated sounds like ritualistic chants, rain drops and frog croaks which create a richer and deeper experience. The Titles and descriptions fonts & design were very contemporary and beautiful and it looked like whoever designed it put much thought and care to make it as attractive as possible. The attention to details made me feel cared for and respected as a visitor. One thing that bothered me was that sometimes, the attention to the design took over the text and it was hard to read:


Most of he captains were very interesting and enhanced the experience of looking at the artifacts, many times made me want to learn more.

Works I want to remember :
img_5927 img_5928

I LOVE the idea of  the cloud being pregnant with the rain –

Elephants are clouds and vice versa

2 large scale video projections of the tallest single stone sculpture Buddha being ritually pampered – washed with milk, flowers, pigments and more every 12 years: