Key requirements which could help prevent pressure ulcers based on potential user insight and consultation with Dr.Anita Perr and web research :

  • material that deters moisture, keep the skin dry
  • create movement, enhance blood circulation
  • minimize friction and stretches to the skin muscles

Key details which should be taken into consideration when designing for people in wheelchairs:

  • High backed waistbands
  • Adding length to the legs
  • Make the pants easy to put on and taken off
  • Highest quality fabrics
  • Make sure to use fasteners that do not add pressure on the skin
  • Feels like normal clothes
  • Keep the knee area warmer
  • Design accessory or garment to be as light and easy to carry as possible

These are specification I believe I should follow:

  • High-Tech fabric which has moisture repellent qualities
  • Stretchy fabric, 4 way stretch
  • Fabric should have texture on the outer exposed side for it to be attractive, and stimulating to touch
  • Lycra or other stretchy fabric to construct the waist band, similarly to what is being used on pregnancy pants
  • Make waistband higher at the back
  • opening near the ankle, zipper or snaps to make legs slide easily
  • adding knee detail as an extra layer
  • no side seams
  • no fastening, pants as pull on
  • bottom has an insert pocket to slide an air cushion
  • washable

This week I received the ROHO cushions and alternating pressure air pump which originally is used for a mattress. My plan was to combine these two products and cut into shape to create an insertable pillow in the pants.

photo 1 (4) photo 3 (3)photo 2 (3)







When I finally got the pump I noticed that it has two pipes. One is to fill the mattress with air and the other to suck the air out. I wasn’t able to find more information on this product before purchasing it and now I need to figure out if it could work combined with the ROHO cushion.

Also the pump, although described as quiet is not quiet enough to go unnoticed. I believe that this noise wouldn’t be something that people would like to have around them constantly.

The ROHO cushions I bought were defected and that’s why I was able to afford them. Another problem I encountered with these cushions is that they are much higher volume than I anticipated.

My next steps will be to re-evaluate the technicalities of how to create movement under the sitting body. Furthermore I am looking  to speak with more people who could give me insight on how to prevent and deal with pressure ulcers.