MC# 4056-03

Material description: A lightweight fluid foam that is composed of acrylic microspheres (less than 200 microns in diameter) and proprietary viscoelastic lubricants that facilitate sliding and rolling between the microspheres. The material, which is encased in a bladder or pouch, flows to match the contours of the body and provides cushioning and stable support that eliminates pressure peaks. Its uses include medical and athletic applications.

In terms of soft robotics, this material is soft durometer, has some elasticity and it is flexible.

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Usage properties: 

  • ColorfastnessHigh
  • Wear ResistanceLow
  • Water ResistanceHigh
  • AcousticsSound absorbing
  • UV resistanceLow
  • Scratch resistanceMedium
  • ReflectivityLight absorbing
  • Stain ResistanceHigh