I LOVE good socks. Whenever I have what I call “good socks” ready for me to wear after my shower in the morning, I shine and get filled with warm and happy energies. I think that when I catch a good pair my whole day become better.

Good socks have great stretch, are easy to wear, stay in place and don’t droop down, are soft to touch and keep their colors and shape over time. Personally I love that my socks have some unique colors, and then I also choose which socks to wear by the mood that I’m having.  Good socks feel like real luxury to me, and if all the good socks are dirty and I’m stuck with the bad socks I get a little mad.

I get attached to my socks and remember the times when I got them, and especially I love getting good socks from friends because then the socks also remind me people that I love.

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I have this water bottle for a while, since I’ve decided that I don’t want to drink from plastic anymore. I love how it looked – the color and the touch, and the fact that it’s light weight.

My main frustration with it is that many time I droop water all over myself when I’m drinking from it because the top of it is too wide.  I believe that a bottle that I would be able to fit into my mouth would cause less of an embarrassment to me…

photo 2