In last week’s thesis class, I mentioned I want to create costumes that from the appearance it would be eye catching, and sci-fi-ish and inspired from costumes for spiritual ceremonies (shamanic like). Katy suggested that I’ll look at Nick Cave’s work. It was a great advice, and I got very excited looking at his sound costumes.


  • I met with Daveed to get directions on the basics of mask making. I thought about the costumes I want to make, which would inherently make space between the costume and the body. This is where there will be space for noticing  of being, and distort the sensation of the edges of the body. I gathered references for visual inspiration, and arranged inside a book, so that I’ll have it gathered and organized in one place.

It was great fun learning from Daveed and after getting the basic structure of support, I was able to make this on top:

In another dimension – making more space for space #thesis #quickanddirty #prototype #costume #rainbow

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I used balls that I saved from last year’s junk shelf, and fabrics that I also saved form work swatches..

  • I went to see the shoe exhibition a walk of art and contacted Yaara Keydar who is a fashion historian and curator in order to set up a meeting with her to discuss my thesis ideas. In the exhibition I especially liked these:

  • I looked at the book I have The Book of Symbols and was drawn to the concepts of Zero & One – I realized that it is actually just parallel ways of saying – nothing & something or saying space & form.